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Citizens Preservation and Planning Committee


"To provide considered input to the Republic City Council on planning-related issues in order to balance economic opportunity for area residents with the citizen's desire to preserve the unique character of the City."

NOTE: This is not a City-run committee, but is a citizen-led advisory board.


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Chamber of Commerce


"Assisting all members of the community engaged in logging, mining, agriculture, retail, wholesale, commercial, tourism, trade fields, professional, education, healthcare, and all other fields where interest is evident to solve the mutual or individual problems in the respective fields. Recognizing and promoting the prudent use of the resources of the area. Working for the improvement and protection of those resources through legislation or other courses of action when deemed necessary. Working with similar organizations in other communities on projects of mutual concern. Working for the good and continued improvement of the community of the greater Republic area generally and working for the establishment of a better community and continued improvements of the community generally and working for the establishment of a better community of Ferry County specifically." Adopted 1999

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